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I offer tailored massage services and I easily adapt the pressure and techniques according to your needs and wishes. During the massage I use the best practice techniques from my previous years of experience. Unique to Slovakia I also work with the best oils in the world market, such as exceptional ESPA oils, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy a massage like in the most luxurious spas and witness their unique effects. You can also choose a massage oil with seaweed or Dead Sea mud extracts that will provide a similar effects to wraps, but without further overheating in a thermal blanket. I also work with Saloos luxury brand oils, which are among the best and most widely used in luxury hotels in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

  • massage with Saloos:

Olive oil:
-oil is excellent for dry, sensitive, allergic or irritated skin
-nourishes,moisturizes and regenerates skin
-improves skin elasticity and softness

-improves lymphatic flow
-excellent detoxifying effect
-refreshes and stimulates

-regenerates dry skin
-good antidepressive effect
-perfect against exhaustion, apathy or restlessness

-soothes sore muscles and joints, pleasantly cooling effect
-reduces pain after muscular effort
-stimulates blood circulation
-is uplifting and nourishes the skin

-regenerates damaged skin, good for burns also soothes skin after sunbathing
-reduces allergic reactions, menstrual cramps relief
-excellent calming,soothing and relaxing effect
-stress and anxiety relief, perfect for insomniacs

-oil is very good against stretch marks
-excellent absorption without feeling greasy
-helps create a protective barrier against bacteria
-nourishes and hydrates skin deep inside

-soothes your nervous system and helps you sleep, stress relief and brings optimism
-cleans, disinfects and refreshes
-nourishes and regenerates

  • massage with seaweed oil:

-excellent hydrates and nourishes,oil is rich in Omegas 3,6 & 9 essential fatty acids
-stimulates the lympatic system and helps the body eliminate toxins
-helps promote new skin cells and improve skin texture

  • massage with mineral oil from Dead sea:

-hydrates and stimulates your skin
-minerals from Dead sea to the body through the skin
-energizes blood circulation and soothes stiff joints
-maximizes the benefits of the massage

  • massage with ESPA:

-a unique combination of herbs and specific preparation method, with which ESPA oils retains all their beneficial effects and therefore they rank among the best in the world.